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   Earthwing here. Wanted to thank everyone in Jawa Fightclub for the experience. I know I haven't been online/ active at all, but wanted to drop by here and just say hey. We had an awesome guild, and had some good times. Hope everyone is well and still gaming together. I feel like we all made some great friends. I'm on Diablo3, names the same. I'm going to be playing Guild Wars 2 once it comes out and will like to get in contact with everyone to create a new guild for us. Good luck, and may the force be with you!!
Guild News

Nightmare content cleared

Earthwing, Feb 26, 12 7:32 PM.
So now that we have been done w NM progression, we just need to wait until for new content to come out. In the meantime we will farm HM Ops to deck everyone out. Once new content comes out the Progression Group will form again to clear out the new shit


Earthwing, Feb 17, 12 5:02 PM.
Cleared NM KP last night! Now all we need to down is NM SOA then theres no more progression. Once we down him, we can all break into HM ops farming raids to deck out in Rakata gear! Working on forming distinct raid group rosters/ schedules. Check in for more details! The raids will be posted on the site, remember to REGISTER IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY 

Nightmare mode Progression!

Earthwing, Feb 8, 12 5:21 PM.
We are 4/5 on NM EV, got SOA down to 7% last night. Once we clear SOA, we'll start progression in Karraga's Palace! 


Earthwing, Feb 6, 12 8:40 PM.
**** Groups are subject to change in the event someone doesn't log on/ progression group needs a different composition. If your not in one of these groups, you are on standby so still be online!****

Group 1 -
 This is the progression group so we are working on Nightmare content this week, our group composition is subject to change for specific fights; i.e Bonethrasher requires 6 DPS.

Tanks: Severed, Sheryn
Healers: Earthwing, Erik
DPS: Nav, Tiggole, Gerus, Relicz

Group 2 - This group is focusing on Hard-mode content to farm Rakata gear. The Raid Leaders of this group are States and Blazze 

Tanks: Blazze, Nos
Healers: States, Chank
DPS: Ramuh, Ifrit, Aokiji, Savantovit  

HM Karraga down!

Earthwing, Jan 30, 12 6:10 PM.
Cleared HM EV and Hm Karraga. This week is Nightmare mode progression! 
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